VaFVIC Bookstore

Welcome to the VaFVIC bookstore. One of the main goals of our group is to help parents educate themselves in order to make informed choices about vaccination. Below are some of our favorite books on the subject. They are all available for purchase through and a portion of the proceeds goes to help us reach our goals. Thank you!

A Shot in the Dark : Why the P in the...

Immunization Theory Vs. Reality : Expose...

Immunization:The Reality Behind the Myth

Vaccination: The Issue of Our Times

Immunization : History, Ethics, Law and...

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain

Childhood Vaccination : Questions All Parents Should Ask

Vaccinations 100 Years of Orthodox Research

The Sanctity of Human Blood :Vaccination is not Immunization

Your Personal Guide to Immunization Exemptions

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is not to beconstrued as medical, chiropractic or legal advice. The
decision to vaccinate is yours and yours alone.