23-7.5. Health histories required; immunizations. College Health Requirements

No full-time student shall be enrolled for the first time in any four-year, public institution of higher education in this Commonwealth unless he has furnished, before the beginning of the second semester or quarter of enrollment, a health history consistent with guidelines adopted by each institution's board of visitors, pursuant to the requirements of this section. Any student who fails to furnish the history will not be eligible for registration for the second semester or quarter. Any student who objects on religious grounds shall be exempt from the health history requirement set forth in this section.

The health history shall include documented evidence, provided by a licensed health professional or health facility, of the diseases for which the student has been immunized, the numbers of doses given, the dates when administered and any further immunizations indicated. Prior to enrollment, all students shall be immunized by vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles (rubeola), German measles (rubella), and mumps according to the guidelines of the American College Health Association.

Any student shall be exempt from the immunization requirements set forth in this section who (i) objects on the grounds that administration of immunizing agents conflicts with his religious tenets or practices, unless an emergency or epidemic of disease has been declared by the Board of Health, or (ii) presents a statement from a licensed physician which states that his physical condition is such that administration of one or more of the required immunizing agents would be detrimental to his health.

The Board and Commissioner of Health shall cooperate with any board of visitors seeking assistance in the implementation of this section.


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