What is Informed Consent?

Taborıs Medical dictionary defines Informed Consent as ³competent and voluntary permisssion for a medical procedure, test, or medication. The consent is given based on understanding the nature, risks, and alternatives of the procedure or test².

The following information is necessary before you can make an informed choice in regards to vaccination:

* The true nature of diseases

* How vaccines are made

* The contraindications associated with each vaccine

* The possible side effects of vaccines

* Adverse reactions associated with each vaccine

* How to recognize and report an adverse vaccine reaction

* How to minimize your childıs risk of a vaccine reaction

* The difference between recommended and required vaccines

* The statutes and exemptions for the Commonwealth of Virginia

* Conflicts of interest associated with vaccine manufacturing and licensing

Any information contained herein
is not to beconstrued as medical, chiropractic or legal advice. The
decision to vaccinate is yours and yours alone.