Last week Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) held a hearing on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to determine if it worked the way Congress intended. The Department of Health and Human Services and Dept. of Justice officials did not do a good job explaining why it was taking so long for some of the cases to be adjudicated. Congressman Burton has told them that he will bring them back on a regular basis to question some of the sloooowwww cases and gets some answers. Specifically we are looking for the following information to provide to the committee:

1 - People who are currently stuck in the system and want to be included in a potential official "nudge" to get things moving.
2 - People who had winning cases that took years, people who were treated poorly, people who had on the table injuries that still had to fight hard, etc.

Currently there is legislation pending to address some of the problems with the program (HR.1287). A detailed analysis by NVIC of what is wrong with the program and suggestions on how it could be made to work better can be found at (Click on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program link.)

Please forward your comments to NVIC at and to Congressman Burton's staff member, Beth Crane at

Kathi Williams, National Vaccine Information Center